The Easy View Tackle System installation consist of 3 - 12" clip strips, 6 - 8" clip strips, 18 stainless steel screws, adhesive, 18 mounting pads, 18 straps, decal, and step by step instructions for easy installation in any boat.

There are three different ways the System can mount in your boat. It comes with easy to follow instructions and drawings. The first set of photos below shows what the system would look like if being installed on a flat surface using the adhesive and mounting pads.

Tools needed for installation: 12" ruler, Marker, Isopropyl Alcohol, Hacksaw (if needed to cut clip strips shorter), and a 1/8" drill bit (for screw mount).

Easy View Tackle System Installation
Photo A: Shows the adhesive pads installed.
Easy View Tackle System Installation
In Photo B: The clip strip installed.
Easy View Tackle System Installation
Photo C: Shows installation complete.

The photos below show what the system looks like directly screw
mounted to the stress ribs which are under most boat lids.



This system is designed for efficiency and to eliminate down time on the water. By placing one bag per clip will allow you to clip the back flap of the bag.

(photo 1) This will make all of your baits easy accessible and highly visible. (photo 3) To retrieve a bait just pull on the front flap of the bag then reach in and grab a bait. (photo 2) It is not necessary to seal the bag back; you can seal the bag after your fishing day is over. (NOTE) When clipping the back flap of the bag you can line up the hanging hole of the bag with the clip jaw and pull it through the clip jaw. (photo 1) This will secure the bag and it will have to tear the bag for it to fall off. If you have a bag tear off you can clip the flap past the zip-lock of the bag to secure it (won't tear off then).

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Spinner Baits

Hang your spinner baits on one per clip (photo 3) for quick access or two per clip for storage. By clipping your spinner bait as shown in the picture below you will display a good profile of your baits. (photo 1) This will make it easy to see the skirt color, size of the hook, size and color of the head, and type of blades on the bait. The following picture will show you how the spinner baits clip into the cradle of the clip jaw. Just press the clip button to release the bait of your choice and it's ready for use. (photo 2)

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By clipping the weed guard of the jig in the jaw of the clip allows you to profile all of your jigs. (photo 2) This is only one of many ways you can hang your jigs. When you select a jig you want to fish with just press the clip button and tie it on! (photo 1)

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Pre-Rigged Tackle

You can purchase some small 2x3 bags at your local hobby store. Pre-tie your Carolina rigs, drop shot rigs, and grass rigs. (photo 1) This will cut down on lost time tying these rigs out there on the water during fishing time. Works great hanging the manufacturer's hooks bags too. (photo 3) Simply open the bag, and get the hook, no need to detach the bag from the Easy View System. (photo 2)

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