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Professional Bass Fisherman Miyazaki
Professional Bass Fisherwoman Hengst
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Professional Bass Fisherman Davis
Professional Angler Vick
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Professional Bass Fisherman Sedgwick
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"Easy to organize your baits. Great system to set up your baits before tournament day."

  Yusuke Miyazaki - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler











"How many times have you searched through your maze of lures for a favorite? Easy View Tackle Systems has your solution. I find immediate easy access by using this tackle system. There is no limit to the number of lures that can be displayed."

  Debra Hengst - Professional W.B.T. Angler











"It is a great way to have your baits of the day ready and easy to get to. Love it on my Ranger."

  Jimmy Houston - Jimmy Houston Outdoors










"The easy view system makes keeping soft plastic lures organized and easy to find. It really helps my fishing."

  Mark Davis - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler











"Saving time on the water during a tournament or while guiding means more time with a lure in the water, and putting bass in the boat, my Easy View System. Keep my favorites and the hot lure of the day at quick reach, so I can stay focused chasing the big ones."

  Lance Vick - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler








"I can't tell you how much your system has organized my boat. I have been able to get my tackle quick and keep the bait in the water."

  Bonnie Johnson - Professional W.B.T. Angler













"This is an awesome system! Perfect for your ready-to-get-to baits. I'm sold!"

  Ray Sedgwick - BASS Elite Tour Pro










"You don't waste time looking for your baits with the easy view tackle system. In tournament fishing time is money and finding your baits quick saves that time on the water."

  Woo Daves - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler











"As a tournament angler the Easy View has allowed me to organize my boat so that my time on the water is more efficient. This system works great for storing plastic baits in their bags beneath your storage compartment lids. This allows easy access to your favorite plastic baits and gives you more room to store other items."

  Brian Snowden - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler









"No more digging through boxes and bags! I have my baits easy excessable and just open the lid and grab the bait. Time on the water is money and you save alot of time with this system. "

  Wes Thomas - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler










"Before each tournament I have an idea of what I will be using and I hang them so I have easy access and don't have to waste time looking for them. I will always have the Easy View Tackle System in my boat."

  Terry Butcher - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler

Zell Roland - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler

"The Easy View Tackle System is great for finding baits quick."


Paul Elias - Professional B.A.S.S. Angler

"Makes everything so handy to find and saves alot of time on tournament day."


Homer Humphreys

"With the Easy View Tackle System, just open the lid grab it and go when minutes count on the water."


 Lonnie Stanley - Stanley Jigs, Inc.

"Love putting my spinner baits and the baits I am going to be using that day on the system. The system works great."


Ron Shaw - Pro Staff for Stratos Boats

"The speed of finding and retrieving baits especially on windy days is incredible. The system works great."


 Jim Russell - Owner of Strike Works

"The system works great for carrying my extra baits."


 Don Hampton(Bubba) - Owner/Publisher of Fisher Guide News on Lake Fork

"My Easy View tackle system is the most important tool I have on my Legend LE-21. Once you install one in your boat you will see why."


Glen Freeman - Guide, Toledo Bend, TX

"The organization of my tackle makes my job easier and more productive for my clients."


Tony Coatney - Guide, Grand Lake, OK

"Great tackle system! Everyone should have one in their boat."


Johnny Glass - Guide, Lake Fork, TX

"The best tackle organizing system I have ever used and I am on the water 300 days a year."


Curt Zimmerman - Guide, Lake Fork, TX

"Helps speed up locating and changing baits. Great tackle system."


James Gregan - Guide, Lake Richland Chambers and Cedar Creek, TX

"The tackle system is easy to use and easy to organize your baits."


Mark Perry - Guide, Lake Bridgeport, TX

"The easy view tackle system gives me an edge on tournament day. Allows more time fishing instead of looking for baits."


Bobby Jacobs - Guide, Lake Lewisville and Grapevine, TX

"Eliminates the endless search from compartment to compartment for baits. Helps me to be organized while competing on the water and thanks for a truly great system."

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