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Easy View Tackle Storage System Information

The Easy View Tackle System comes with a special patent design clip strip that will hold your baits in rough water conditions. We take the hunting out of fishing so stop digging through all of those bags and boxes and discover how the System will take the down time off the water.

Save Space, Save Baits

A bait manufacturer produces baits with many different scents and to keep their baits fresh, they need to stay in the original bag they came in. (photo 2 and 3) The System allows you to use the manufacturer's design bags, keeping the baits fresh and eliminating the need for tackle boxes and sacks. (photo 1)

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Organize and Customize

The System allows you to plan ahead and have your favorite baits easily accessible right where you need them. (photo 3) You're in control; design the layout for your system to fit your style of fishing. (photo 1 and 2)

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Protect and Store

This system only uses dead space in your boat, which allows you to remove a surprising amount

of boxes and bags from storage compartments. (photo 2) The system protects your tackle by storing it neatly under rod lockers and storage box lids. (photo 1) Securing it out of site yet right at your finger tips when needed. (photo 3)

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Best Quality Product

Metal parts are powder coated to help prevent any corrosion or rust build up. Plastic parts are manufactured with UV protective material, preventing any possible damage due to Ultra Violet rays from the sunlight. All strips are made with heavy tension spring clips and special clip bend designs. This eliminates the possibility of any baits coming loose due to rough water in bad weather conditions.

Easy Tackle System is Made to Last


More Time - More Fish - More $$$

Join the growing list of tournament pro's and guides who already enjoy the benefits of the System. Spend less time searching, more time fishing, and more time catching. How can you afford not to join the Easy View Team?


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