The Difference Between Tackle Storage and Tackle Management Systems

Learn the difference between tackle storage and tackle management systems. The Easy View Tackle System takes the downtime off the water by decreasing the downtime spent hunting and retrieving baits. Get yours here!

What’s the Difference between a tackle storage system and a tackle management system? I get asked this question a lot.

16 years ago, when I first came up with this I was looking for the best way to organize my boat so I could find what I needed, when I needed it. As a fisherman, I wanted to find a way to eliminate the downtime on the water hunting for baits. So I did a time study and discovered that in the course of an 8 hour day on the water I spent 1 hour just trying to locate and retrieve the bait of choice. So I started trying a lot of different methods to store and retrieve my tackle.

Tackle Storage Systems

First, I tried the good old plastic boxes. The problem with that was that you have to take all of the baits out of the plastic bag and put them in the sections of the box. In doing so you’d lose the potency of the bait because most baits nowadays come impregnated with salt or they are scented plus you still have to remember where the bait is at.

Then I tried a filing system. This was pretty much like a filing system you’d have at home. Using some type of box and keeping them in the bags they came in but file them under their name or type of bait (brush-hogs, lizards etc.). Another way was collecting them together on a clip or a ring, but the problem I found with this is that when you need the bait, you have to thumb through the baits to find the bait of your choice, then take it off the ring, open the bag and retrieve the bait. Once you have the bait you need, hang the ring back up or throw it in to the bottom of the boat. All of this equates to a big mess and a lot of downtime on the water!

Keeping everything orderly and organized in my boat helped some, but didn’t solve the biggest part of the downtime problem!

Then I discovered that the downtime is not just in the organization of your tackle it’s also in the retrieve of the bait. To answer this question, ask yourself how long does it take you to know where that bait is, come off that trolling motor, retrieve that bait and get back on the trolling motor? Do this time study test with a stopwatch and see how much time you are losing. What you’ll find is that you’re wasting a lot of downtime on the water when you could be catching fish.

When you close that gap you’ll save a lot of downtime and have a much more enjoyable fishing experience.

Tackle Management System

So then I went to the next step. I designed a clip strip system that allows you to not only know exactly where that bait is (Like a mechanic and his tool box), but you can retrieve that bait fast and be back on the trolling motor before you ever move!

This came with a lot of trial and error with strong headwinds and rough waters on many occasions dumping everything into the bottom of the boat. (This required a specially design clip strip).

Everything about the Easy View Tackle System, the clip strip, the bends in the jaws, the spacing of the clips etc. is designed exactly for what we do. It can withstand anything you’ll encounter out there on the water.

Here’s how I eliminated the biggest problem on the water…the retrieve.

I created an innovative fishing tackle organizer that not only stores the baits, but keeps them in the plastic bags they came in. This system allows you to see the bait you need, quickly retrieve it and get back to fishing. The uniquely designed Easy View Tackle System displays all your tackle in neat rows that are visible when the lid is open. You can clip the bags on the back flap which will allow you to pull open the front flap of the bag and retrieve a bait without taking the bag off the clip. It’s not necessary to close the bag once you have retrieved a bait out of the bag. You can close it when you’re done for the day to keep them fresh because your baits are salt impregnated and scented. This tackle management system will save you so much downtime on the water!

Once you gain that downtime back, the only thing you have to focus on is your ability to catch fish (I am still working on that). I can help you to be better organized to the point where your catch ratio will increase.

The Easy View Tackle System is easy to install and makes a great addition to any fishing boat.

On top of all that you’ll have a system for your spinner-baits. The system profiles you spinner-baits, allowing you to see everything about the bait (size of head, color of the skirt, type of blades, etc.) When you see the spinner-bait of choice, simply press the button and tie it on. The system keeps your skirts from dry rotting and you can control inventory much better…the list goes on!

Whether fishing is just a hobby or you fish tournaments, have a look for yourself at how the easy view tackle management system works. It will do wonders for your fishing experience!

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the system.

Thank you for your time and I’ll see you out there on the water.

Bob Scott