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Product Review:

Easy View Tackle Storage Systems


A quite innovative fishing tackle organizer alternative to the many numbers of plastic storage boxes, soft-sided tackle bags, and hard box designs for storage of and transport of any type of fishing tackle and lures. This system provides a new and unique way of storage, view selection, and transportation within your bass boat of organization of the tons of fishing tackle most modern bass fishermen carry on board.


Bass fishing lures, most especially, seem to constantly evolve and create new methods, colors, styles, and a few actually offer something completely new. Managing all the newest designs, colors, brands, and variations at times become overwhelming to some if not most, modern day bass fishermen. Hard plastic, single-unit style tackle boxes which offer spinner bait sections, crankbait sections, jig sections, and soft plastic worm sections, have almost become of thing of yesterday’s bass fishermen, being replaced with individual, hard plastic “plano-box” style compartmental storage “mini-boxes” for collectively managing by type, spinner baits, crank baits, soft plastic worms, tubes, craws, jigs, lipless crank baits, top waters, and on and on.

The purpose of this product review is to determine with validity, the manageability, ease of use, durability, and true innovation of a new product currently available. Further, how this new innovation from Easy View Tackle Storage Systems Company, performed with any potential advantage over previously mentioned tackle management systems, during the testing phase, for typical bass fishermen.

When testing the new Easy View Tackle Storage System provided by the manufacturer and submitted for testing to Millwood Lake Guide Service in southwest Arkansas, the unit was installed in the port rod locker lid of an 18-½ foot ChampioN Elite Bass Boat.

The color submitted for the purpose of this review was a polished Black. The new innovation as supplied from the manufacture comes in various lengths of support rails that are made in various lengths to match almost any installation application bass boat rod locker or storage hatch lids. Clamps, screws, clips, zip wire pull ties, o-rings, everything needed is included in the kit.

The Easy View Tackle System consists of 3 – 12″ clip strips, 6 – 8″ clip strips, 18 stainless steel screws, adhesive, 18 mounting pads, 18 straps, decal, and step by step instructions for easy installation in any boat.

The Installation

We chose the method of installation to drill w/ a 1/8” drill bit into the inner support beam of the rod locker lid and secure with 3 sheet metal screws included for each Easy View rail. We then took a black sharpie magic marker and painted the heads of the Phillips sheet metal screws, for a more finished, OEM installation appearance. The installation in our rig required about an hour and a half, but we were very meticulous about location, location, location and the various sizes and lengths to maximize the system to hold the most number of baits due to the sloping shape of the rod box lid (shorter width in the nose, and wider width at the rear). Other installations may require more or less time than we took.

Installation was fairly simple, straightforward and easy. We drilled 2 or 3, 1/8” holes in the rod box deck support lid’s inner beam and using supplied hardware attached the rails in a vertical position when the lid is in the open position. We then attached the clamps for holding bags of soft plastic approximately 4” apart for spacing.

Measure Carefully

Take an extra minute to measure the opening clearance of your individual rod box or storage hatch lid. This ensure proper alignment and clearance when closing the lid. Directions also point out this measurement is critical for proper lid closure. We chose to install 6 of the bait support rails in our location. This gave us 6 individual rows of plastic bait bags upon opening of the rod box.

The unit also comes with various clips for use with rod lockers and hatch lids. Drilling is not necessarily required, but can mount flush to the inside of the hatch or locker lid. We chose our method of installation for a permanent mounting location.

Additional information on this system can be obtained from various websites, including for various methods of installation in other locations and other bass boats, or even in your shop over your workbench.

Upon installation, we proceeded to load up the clips on each rail. We used a minimum of 2 bags (with zipper seal closures) of soft plastic worms, craws, hogs, etc., per clip. Over the 100-day trial period after installation, the support rails, clips and unit integrity never failed through some of the roughest, high wind, lake swells we have ever had to privilege to drive through. A few of the plastic bags zippers did tear out under the roughest conditions. But the plastic bag torn plastic was still held securely by the Easy View Tackle System retain clip.

The following chart details the test criteria and score of the “Easy View Tackle System” on a scale of 1 being the lowest, 2.5 being average, & 5 being the best:


Criteria Score
Color Selection


Innovation 5.0
Strength 5.0
Overall 5.0

The Breakdown:

The Easy View Tackle Storage System tested extremely well under a variety of ambient, high wind, and rough-water lake running conditions. No component failure of any type during entire test period and beyond. It’s a rare find that a new product comes along that does not imitate something else already on the market. The Easy View Tackle Storage System truly is innovative with the design for ease of view selection, retrieve of tackle, and durability. Each clamp/clip held a minimum of 2 bags securely until the bag’s zipper tore  or the bag itself failed. The Easy View Tackle Storage System is completely innovative, and unlike anything we have used prior.


Easy View Tackle Storage System is completely innovative. This new tackle storage designed system will not only hold soft plastic worm bags, but jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and most any type of bass tackle made. Various options exist for installations in both larger and smaller rod lockers and storage hatch lids of virtually any bass boat on today’s market. We would prefer the sheet metal screw heads in black to match the rails provided and inner liners of most bass boat rod lockers to have an original equipment installation appearance. In fact, it’s SO innovative; a US patent protects it!


Extremely durable and rugged. No failure of any component during initial test phase and beyond. Plastic bag storage clips are extremely rigid with good spring tension. They were reliable to hold the most stubborn plastic bags in place until the plastic bag itself, failed.


Easy View Tackle Storage System gets high marks.  This fishing tackle organizer works in a variety of locations, bass boats, and applications to match most any boat or organizer need out there. We hope to see newer versions include matching, painted head screws for a real OEM installation look. The system will secure most any soft plastic zipper style storage bag to the clips for viewing and selection. It also works for a large variety of jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, and other typical bass lures. It holds it in place for days and weeks, with no failures of any components over our 100-day test period.

Where to Purchase:

Easy View Tackle Storage System can be seen and found on the company’s website and can be ordered directly at or through their order line phone number.

Easy View Tackle System

4404 Oak Knoll Ct.
Arlington, TX 76016
Phone – (469) 360-1149

For more product information:
[email protected]

Customer Service:
[email protected]

and other bass fishing supply websites.

Product Evaluation By Mike Siefert, Owner/Operator,

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